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This is where you can complete your application and receive important admission information.

*You are also able to apply online (free) through the Common Application:  https://www.commonapp.org/

Should you choose this method, please remember to come back to the Student Application Portal to create an account (using the same email address that you used on the Common Application). This will allow you to log in and keep track of your application status.

To continue applying through the Cedar Crest online application:

If you have not already created a user name and password, please do so by clicking on "Create an Account"

Please use only one email address to create an account.  This email address should be your personal email, not one used at work or by another family member.  This will ensure that communication is sent directly to you, and will not create a duplicate account. 

Please continue to use this same email throughout your application and admission process. 

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